100ft² - Free Room Exchange for Help (Camarillo,CA)

Dear House Manager, We are looking for YOU to live in our small yet private room with bathroom/shower! Attached to but separate from rest of house. We are hoping to find a student looking for FREE RENT. Yes free! How is this possible? You would have time to study and exchange rent for helping us with equivalent hours around the house-possibilities; house chores, our in-home office, sometimes help us with kids. We are a large family. Not required but- We hope you are bilingual, let us know what languages you speak or know well enough. We hope you are athletic as we are a very athletic family and would like you to jump, play with them and teach them any sport. We hope you know an instrument such as piano, or violin, or piano. We hope you are healthy and like to read as we eat healthy but not perfectly and we dont watch tv, we read and sometimes watch dvds. Please do not attach a resume, copy and paste it into the email you send. Must have a car so you may be on your own schedule and sometimes help with driving (with our car) If you have a pet we would like it to live outside in the large yard. Thank you for your considering us!
Updated 16-Aug-2011
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