Owner Financed Mortgage Notes /Real Estate Wanted

Please provide the requested first position note information below: A direct note buyer will contact you to discuss your notes for sale. We have some questions regarding the property, payors, and paperwork we hope you can clarify for us. Thank you, Contact Phone#: Direct Email Address: Property Type: Payors Credit: Property Value: Owner Occupied: Sale Date: Sale Price: Down Payment: Property State: Property City: Face Value of Note for Sale: Note Balance: Interest Rate: Payment Amount: Payments Made: Monthly # Of Payments Made: 1st Payment Made On: Number of payments remaining: Next Payment Due Date: Current: Yes Position of Note: 1st Balloon Amount: When Balloon Amount Due: Term of Note (in months): Comments/Property Type: Contact us today to receive a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote. Freddie R. Smith Email:fskick3@aol.com
Updated 2-Oct-2018
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