I need a job in Sylvan Beach or Vienna, NY

Hello, my name is Cassandra Rogers and I'm looking for a job in (or near) Vienna or Sylvan Beach, New York. I am fifteen years old and will be turning sixteen next month. I've never officially had a job and I need to get work experience some where. I need a job from April to October because those are the only times I have available and I can work on weekends and maybe sometime on week days. I can clean, cook, walk dogs, and things like that. I've been trying to find jobs all week in Vienna and Sylvan Beach but was unable to really find anything. I'd be interested most in working at a store like Dollar General, an ice-cream parlor, a restaurant, a fast-food restaurant, or an amusement park. I don't have much experience so whatever jobs are available out there would be appreciated. Since it'll be my first job I don't mind receiving minimum wage which is like $5 an hour. If you have a job or know a job that is available please e-mail me at bugmonster16@yahoo.com If you could please help me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Updated 26-Jun-2012
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