Solar Energy Services In Michigan

Have a tight budget but want a Renewable Energy system to help with your monthly utility bills? D & R Energy Services, Inc. will work hand in hand with you in this tough economic climate. Have you thought to yourself how much money you could save by installing a solar or wind system but know that the budget just isn't there? There are upfront costs that have to come before the incentives and credits do. How can you overcome this? D & R Energy Services may have a solution for you. What if you had some extra money you have been saving, trying to afford that Sustainable Energy system, but just couldn't see getting enough together to take advantage of the incentive that is running out. The solution is to use the money that you do have to install a system that can be expanded on at another time when you can see more expendable cash. It's as easy as that. Almost any system can be tailor made to fit the budget you have. Visit D & R Energy Services at and see what system they can put together for you and within your budget.
Updated 24-Feb-2011
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