Blue speckled enamel camping dishes or other with the same pattern such as a pot or coffee pot. Anything with this pattern. Thanks!!
22” deep by 49” with faucet, sink and backsplash. Call 734-476-7645
Hanging light fixture kitchen / living room/foyer. Great light about 4 yrs. old , decorate it w seasons looks great w ornaments hanging from it.
This is a good sink in excellent condition. It sells for only ten dollars. If interested give a call at 734-547-8121.
This is genuine Lang 60 the name says it all it's not some homemade Cooker it smokes meat to perfection has the backup propane attachment brand new tires well maintained Please contact for pics and any questoins 248-875-3537 also you can the new ones sell for much more and do not come with the propane attachment at pigroast.com
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