1975 bug: seats and various other odds and ends

Since I recently got rid of my parts bug, I stripped everything out of it that may be of use to someone - just hate to see stuff to vintage cars go to the crusher, unless nobody wants it. I have two high back front seats and the back of a bench to a 1975 regular beetle. (non-super) along with some other parts. The material of the passenger seat and bench back is actually not in horrible shape. The driver's seat has a tear in it. Someone clearly put a seat cover over it at one point because under the tear you can see the original material. I suspect the other seats' original material may be just fine. The seats smell moldy and are clearly quite dirty but they'll likely clean up. If you can use them, make me an offer. If you're reasonably close, I can probably deliver them for gas money. I have other 75 bug parts as well (most of the glass, switches, transmission, etc). Let me know what you're looking for, Best offer - I don't want to toss them out. Someone can no doubt use them. Rem (203) 526 3763 whybcuz@yahoo.com
Updated 29-Oct-2010
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