Wanted: Interviewers/Recruiters

We are a dynamic, growing, market research firm-seeking people persons-- confident individuals to fill the role of recruiter at our office in the Brandon Town Center. Check us out at www.opinionsltd.com! *Starting pay is $8.00/hr. Room for quick advancement for keyholders and supervisors!* What does a recruiter do? As a recruiter you would approach mall shoppers to participate in market research studies. These studies are being conducted on behalf of companies whom are seeking a better understanding of what people think of new products and ideas. We collect data--data being people's opinions! We conduct taste tests, test movie trailers before they come out, have people take home a new product to test out for us, and things of that nature. While recruiting is your main objective, you will also learn how to interview, which means you record honest and accurate dictations of a person's opinions. The data you collect provides measurable results for companies to enhance, improve, or innovate their ideas, products, or services. This is a high paced, demanding, time sensitive position that requires you to consistently and effectively bring qualified people to our office in the mall to conduct interviews. You will not be bored!!
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