Full/Part time painting

My name is Troy Sciullo. This summer I got an internship with College Works Painting, and I am currently looking for people who would be interested in a marketing or painting position for a summer job. You would make 8-11 dollars an hour, and raises will be giving every 2 weeks. You can make 4000-6000 dollars over the summer. Plus there is an opportunity to receive an efficiency bonus. How it works is every time a job is completed in less time than the hours scheduled, you will still get paid for those hours and not have to work. I will being doing interviews this upcoming week and the following one as well so if you are interested, apply now at cwpjob.com using the promotion code 35814. If you have any questions you can call me at 412-715-7937 Also I would really appreciate if you could email this to at least 1 friend of yours, or at the very least just tell anyone who may be looking into a summer job Thanks guys Troy Sciullo
Updated 7-May-2014
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