Neocate Infant & Neocate Junior formula for sale (for older children)

I have two types of formula I am trying to get rid of because my son no longer need's it he is going on regular milk now. The one formula is called Neocate Infant it is for babies with milk and soy allergies and I have 7 new unopened cans that expire in 2012. The other type of formula I have is called Neocate Junior it is the next stage but for older children and I have 11 cans of this all unopened and expire in 2012. I am asking $320 for the 11 cans of Neocate Infant and $320 for the 11 cans of Neocate Junior..I'm willing to work out a price agreement with you if your interested in buying the formula..please feel free to text me if you are interested (484)300-0429 thank you!
Updated over a month ago