Paranormal Tours of Boston and Salem Ma

Boston's Paranormal Research and Investigations Society is now offering paranormal tours of Boston and Salem.** Don't overpay for tours with big companies when you can get a better tour for a lot less with BPRIS! Our founder Kathryn is a veteran paranormal investigator and electronic voice phenomena expert. During our tour you will: Have the opportunity to visit several haunted locations that played a part in the towns history. Learn about the towns dark past. Learn how to use different devices that are used in investigating. Perform a two hour investigation with Boston's Paranormal Research & Investigations Society.* Plan a group tour and pick your date and time and receive a discount! 75% of all proceeds goes directly to the nonprofit organization Boston's Paranormal Research & Investigations Society. Donations are always appreciated and our EIN # is available upon request. * To be a part of a BPRIS investigation an additional charge is required 7 days prior to the investigation date. This is to have an accurate number of attendants as well as to help cover any costs associated with the investigation. **Cost of tour is required 24 hours before the date and time of the tour, and can be paid up to one month in advance. Refunds are available on payments received in advance. Please respond to this ad to book your tour.
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