Santa Meet’s The Gentleman

Wow’ za. Archie Elve sees a this car coming to Santaland, burning oil, branches sticking out all the windows, glove box missing, no passenger seat, but inside are the best looking birdhouse and bird feeder he’ s ever seen. Archy get up close to look with all the other Elves standing around the car as well, this guy has such a deep voice then says Howdy they call me the Gentleman, i’ve come from many miles away to meet with Santa and show him something no one knows else knows how to make, Santa’s sleeping right but I see him looking thru the window I’m sure he’ll be over real soon. Santa jumps thru the Elves gets to the Gentleman, hi Santa. I’ve come from many miles away to show you and the Elves how to make something from nothing and will make many fun boys and girls Gifts in the summer and ready for Christmas. That is our slow time of the year and the Elves like making things with there hands, the Gentleman and Santa shake hands on it but Santa said it’s the weekend and everybody over to his house, Mrs. Claus and the Elvettes will have snacks and refreshments. After filling the bellies and in the relaxed mood by now Santa stands up says I think we know what time it is, Elves yell out!!! Story Telling Time about previous Christmases. Iffy Elve tells about the Christmas Santa says on Dancer, on Prancer the only problem was Santa forgot to put the pin in Santa started yelling at the top of his lungs for the Sleigh to come back they forgot Santa. Itchy Elve tells about this one year Rudolph ate something that didn’t agree with him, Donner could smell him for miles poor ole Donner. he says next year the gas mask go on. Iffy Elve tells about this one Christmas Elvis Elve singing one of his favorite songs, Santa jumps up and says I know that one, Santa and Elvis finish the song together. Wrote six books all what Santa and the Elves do in summer. Donations would be helpful Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 all the donations going for the cause. Cash Only thank you. ,
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