Freedom Boat Club Membership For Sale

I am selling my Freedom Boat Club Biloxi (MS) membership. For over one year, my family and I have loved being on the water together. After a year as an active club member, we are no longer in a position to spend time on the water. I am therefore reluctantly selling my membership, which is extremely fortunate for anyone wishing to join. The club is great; you will pay monthly dues of $299/month on top of your initial buy in cost of $3200 (which includes a $1195 setup fee paid I will pay to the club for you). The new membership buy-in cost is typically around $5000 + $1195 setup fee if purchased at full price from the club, but I bought mine at a discount and I will be passing those savings on to you. You can enjoy unlimited boat use from 7 different clubs in the region, 2 of which are right on the bay in the Gulf Shores area (Destin and Fort Walton Beach). There is another club in Panama City Beach. You also have limited free use of boats from all of the other Freedom Boat Club locations in the U.S. outside of the region (I think it is up to three reservations a year from those locations). After a day on the water, just bring your boat back and a club concierge will clean it up and fill it with gas if desired. With the package I currently have you can use the boats on weekends, weekdays, and holidays. This is not the case for the cheaper packages which limit your usage to "weekdays only" access throughout the entire summer. If you add up the cost of owning a boat over three years, this club is cheaper than owning a $15,000 boat. Let's not forget about maintenance and storage. You will never clean, maintain, or store the boat... just show up, use it, and bring it back. I am selling my membership for over $1500.00 below what it costs to purchase new. Shop around and I am sure you will see that this is a fantastic deal which is very rarely found on the open market. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get on the water hassle-free. Your family will thank you and you won't have the endless hours of fetching, hauling, launching, reloading, cleaning, and maintenance associated with private boat ownership. Greatest of all is the ability to enjoy multiple boat styles, even on the same day if you wish. I was initially in the boat purchase mode but could not figure out what style boat best suited my young family. Freedom Boat Club Biloxi allows you to choose from an 18' Hurricane deck boat, 24' pontoon, or 21' Cobia center console. The club saved me from making the costly mistake of purchasing a single style of boat, which would have drastically restricted our experience on the water. Whether it is crabbing, swimming, skiing, tubing, offshore fishing, inshore fishing, cruising, or island hopping you enjoy, Freedom Boat Club Biloxi is the right choice for you and your family. Don't miss this steal of a deal!
Updated 28-Mar-2018
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