Scam alert

Big bear terriorist alert. Think about this You buy a car from the dealer. The dealer calls you in for a recall repair but when you go to pick up your car., The dealer won't give it back unless you pay off the entire car loan and pay for the repairs too. You refuse to pay and the dealer sells your car to another. The dealer calls them in for recall repairs and pulls the same scam over and over in order to keep the 1000 down on the car Big bear resident kirby the tire guy does business just like this. I gave kirby last week 1000 dollars cash for his infinity. The remaining 500 to be paid when the air and rear struts were fixed within 30 days. I stopped at kirby cabin last friday .he crawled under the rear of the infinity for 5 to 7 minutes. He gave it a thumbs up and i proceeded down the grade towards home. I used the brakes three times before the pedal went to the floor. I began frantically pumping the hand brake to regain control of the runaway car.the infinity shuddered and moaned as it came to a stop just after the first hair pin turn on the grade going down to lucerne. I called kirby and he arrived in 7 minutes, eventhough id left him 14 minutes prior. The infinity too disabled to continue down the grade. Kirby traded vehicles and took the infinity up hill as i proceeded home down the grade.kirby retrieved his truck on sunday but my infinity is still mia. Kirbys now demands the additional 500 without repairs being completed plus an additional 600 for a brake line issue i believed he caused in order to prevent the infinity from leaving the mountain. Kiby sent terriorist threats via txt " i will introduce you ignorant he she ass to people that dont like she man lesbos like you." When i requested a refund. Do you think there arw laws that prevent crimes like these? Kirby dosent Kirby is not a flatlander Kirby is a home grown mountain boy terriorist.! August 22 2018 Leslie wolfrom Landers ca 92285 Lwolfrom6@gmail
Updated 23-Aug-2018
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