PPO 14993 A * International Security Affiliates team is committed to providing unmatched residential, commercial and industrial security services! We constantly insure that our clients' security needs are at the highest priority with all our team members and representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all of your security and safety related questions. A * International Security Affiliates will always walk the extra miles because YOUR SAFETY IS OUR BUSINESS! A * International Security Affiliates is national licensed security firm offering clients a wide variety of custom Security and Private Investigation plans that can serve any safety and security needs. WHY ISA Unlike many in-house security, ISA guards are contracted and therefore impartial. The security guards and officers are professional and courteous, while maintaining an objective approach to their work. Its' a fact! A visible, professionally dressed Security Officer is one of the best deterrent to any potential crime. With rising theft, vandalism and a long list of other crimes - merely the presence of our professional Security Officer and / or a Loss Prevention Officer has reduced store losses so far below "Acceptable Losses" that the investment in security not only paid for itself, but saved our clients great deal of money. Hiring and training new employees is costly and time consuming. ISA guards are available fully trained and equipped when the need arise. This is especially true if your security needs vary like during busy weekends and holidays vs. regular times. Knowing that your customers, staff and assets are safe is invaluable! ISA services offers a 24 hour security as well as emergency response - so employees and customers are provided with a great piece of mind and a great protection. Potential Liability Alerts: Our guards are trained to recognize and immediately report a potential liability matter on our client's site such as "slip & fall" accidents due to spills, dimly lit areas and dangerous activities like skateboarding on the property. In addition, a ISA impartial guard will always enforce the rules and regulations set in advance by the client. Insurance Savings: Some insurance companies reduce the rates our clients pay when they are made aware that professional security services are provided Knowing your customers, staff and assets are safe is invaluable. Knowing that we offer 24 hour service as well as emergency response is a great piece of mind. The results will be shared by your employees and customers Our quality and effective approach to safety and security is built on a strong moral foundation and long tradition of delivering excellence at every level. We are so confident that our Security and Private Investigations services will exceed your expectations - We Guarantee It! Full range of services can be viewed at: FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICES CALL: USA 1 + (310) 930.6335 or Skype ID: isaprotect and ask to speak to Mr.Alexander.
Updated 21-Nov-2017
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