Surface Nails Gun - PowerNail 101R Multi Blow Manual Nailer

Surface Nails Gun - PowerNail 101R Multi Blow Manual Nailer Academy Floor introducing the PowerNail 101R Multi Blow Manual Nailer - Surface Nails Gun By Powernail - the premier manufacturer of pneumatic nailers, staplers, flooring cleats. These fasteners are used for the installation of Tongue and Groove hardwood flooring. Buy Now @ http://www.academyfloor.com For a great price 269.00$ Powernailer Model 101R ratcheting surface nailer substitutes hand nailing when starting boards adjacent to a wall. The PowerNail 101R Manual Nailer can be used with 1/2", 3/4" and 33-32" thickness widths of Hardwood flooring using 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2" size flooring nails. This model is the same as the standard PowerNail 101 Manual Nailer, except in a mulit-blow ratcheting version. To order Visit our website or Call Toll Free: (888) 494 - 0447 Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:30 Pacific Time At AcademyFloor.com we are proud to offer everything needed in the Hardwood Flooring supplies Industry. We carry Solid Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, Bamboo Hardwood, Laminate hardwood, and have a variety of stain colors, such as Antique Brown, Golden Brown, Red Mahogany, Country White, Gunstock, Rosewood, Ebony and much, much more. We offer a large selection of products. Starting from hand-tools and power-tools, such as sanding machines, edgers and buffers, to then offer any kind of underlayment, ranging from Foam to Rosin paper. We ship worldwide and sameday (888) 494 - 0447 Surface Nails Gun- PowerNail 101R Multi Blow Manual Nailer
Updated 5-Sep-2012
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