Homeowner's Manifesto On Personal Power To Decide

"Homeowner's Manifesto On Personal Power To Decide" introduces to residents the Revised 2018 Edition of the controversial e-book "Power In The House! - M.S.E." This very special 213-page-20-Chapter manifesto is apparently the only of its genre containing over 1,000 active hyperlinks which jettison serious homeowners to any major portion of it within a split second. This unique text-slide video explains how this amazing speed is possible. "Power ......." enables residents to: 1. Learn how to develop a working, fool-proof process for weeding out the dishonest ones; 2. Vicariously experience the lives of a respectable number of U.S. private home heads across the country who were victimized ; 3. Learn how and why they were helpless to avoid these mishaps; 4. Accurately select and hire the best contractors. For details, interested residents can go straight to this amazing text-slide video on You Tube, now: https://youtu.be/CHmaqUJRsVU Or for the direct link to the manifesto's own website: https://www.powerinthehouse-mse.com/