HTTP://WWW.DECOSTONE.COM SWIMMING POOL REMODELING CONCRETE COATINGS POOL DECK,PATIO,WALKWAYS,DRIVEWAYS,STAIRS,STEPS,LANDINGS,FLOOR REMODELING SWIMMING POOL CONCRETE STAIRS AND STEPS - CONCRETE WALKS AND WALKWAYS - POOL DECKING REPAIR AND RESTORATION - EXPOSED AGGREGATE - DECORATIVE STONE SYSTEMS - STONE & EPOXY - RUSTIC TERRAZZO DECORATIVE CONCRETE ( RUSTIC TERRAZZO ) 781-595-5046 or 480-963-0429 contact@decostone.com "THE EVERLASTING FLOORING SYSTEM" Choose from over 100 color combinations. Resurface any concrete area to a brand new superior finish. " LASTING FOR DECADES" BELIEVING IS SEEING ! "THE DURABILITY OF TERRAZZO FLOORING" Because our products are HOTEL-QUALITY, they are perfect for use in HIGH-TRAFFIC areas. We are a leading NATIONWIDE installer and supplier! "THE EVERLASTING FLOORING SYSTEM" Find out more.... " LASTING FOR DECADES" (-PRODUCT FEATURES-) *.DECORATIVE APPEARANCE / Natural stone flooring with a European Romantic look. *NON- SLIP / Natural characteristics of stone. * LONGEVITY / The stone is "Everlasting". * BREATHABLE / The solids in the epoxy allow moisture to escape from concrete base which prevents lifting of the coating. * AFFORDABILIY / Compare to hard wood, brick, tile, flagstone, slate. * EXPANSION JOINTS / Protects surface from expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. * ENDLESS DESIGNS / Artist and designer on staff.* COMPLIMENTARY / Enhances the appearance of natural wood,brick, stone, and slate facings./ NATURAL STONE / River rock, marble chips, granite chips, over 50 color combinations possible.* POURED FLOOR / Great for non- level, uneven floors, covers imperfections. *Hand Troweled Our stone systems are the ideal solution to beautifying your surroundings. The products we use can hold up in all weather conditions. Skip-free surfaces! Despite the rigid characteristics of stone, this system increases traction which reduces the risk of personal injury considerably. A must for every home with children! Non - Slip: Ridged characteristics of the stone Appearance: Elegant, natural stone flooring Affordability: Comparable to hard wood, brick, tile, flagstone, slate, etc. Natural Stone: Marble chips, granite chips, river rock; over 100 color combinations! Hand Troweled: We take the time to do it right Expansion Joints: Excellent for construction and expansion Poured Floor: Great for unilevelness, covers imperfections in concrete Longevity: Stone and sand are everlasting Technology: Epoxy is a durable bonding agent Endlesss Designs: Artists and designers on staff Compliments: Stone looks great with natural wood, brick, stone walls, slate, etc. Company: Professionals in indoor-outdoor epoxy flooring systems: over 15 years Fast, easy installation: Eliminates the cost of removing and disposing concrete. Prevents down time and the mess associated in replacing existing decks. Natural Stone: Creates a deep, rich color and provides endless design and pattern possibilities. This is n everlasting Flooring System which will retain an attractive appearace for decades to come. Texture: Despite the rigid characteristics of stone, this system increases traction which reduces the risk of injury considerably. Weight: Does not require any structural modifications. Thickness: Applications are applied 3/8: to 1". This eliminates the need of elevation changes at dorrways and other ajoining surfaces. Maintenance: Most other Epoxy Systems on the market today claim to be "maintenance-free." The fact of the matter is, they fill up with dirt and algae after a few years and must be pressure-washed continuously. The Decorative Sand & Stone hybrid Flooring System is a filled system which prevents the epoxy from breaking down from the ultraviolet rays, while still allowing ground moisture to vent. Breathable: Most other systems used today prevent concrete to breathe. These systems will not last. The Deco System creates a vapor barrier between the stone on the botto...
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