"It Should Happen To You"Dvd-Jack Lemmon, Judy Holliday

FAMILYFILM-"It Should Happen To You"Dvd-Jack Lemmon, Judy Holliday IT SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU is a thoroughly delightful, raucous comedy about an aspiring no-name model who is catapulted to media celebrityhood--and into the arms of a national soap company executive--by the sheer force of her naive chutzpah. Judy Holliday plays Gladys Glover, a small-town girl who's come to New York to realize her dream of making it big and decides to take matters into her own hands by having her name and picture plastered on a large, empty billboard. Suddenly all of New York is wondering just who she is, and the buzz starts to grow, ultimately reaching the ears of one Evan Adams III (Peter Lawford), an executive for a huge soap company who wants the billboard for his products. As luck will have it, Gladys succeeds in landing not only a deal that galvanizes her modeling career but also a romance with him. The inimitable Jack Lemmon makes his film debut as Peter Sheppard, a documentarian who falls for Gladys despite his disapproval of how she is handling her newly found fame. This George Cukor romantic comedy is an enduringly appealing tale of love, American-style. *PRICE FIRM p/u Bethesda, Md off Old Georgetown Rd near Suburban Hospital/ NIH (1 mile from the Capitol beltway, 2 miles from the NW DC line & Rt 270 spur) *Mail ONLY within the US mainland (Paypal $8 - I will email you a link to my Paypal account)
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