Good Housekeeping's Hamburger & Hot Dog Boo‪k‬

Good Housekeeping's Hamburger & Hot Dog Boo‪k‬ - 68 pages Number 8 in the cookbook series from Good Housekeeping magazine, this cookbooklet features clever preparations of America's favorite meats. Topics include Appetizers and Soups, Salads, Top-o’-the-Range dishes, Oven Main-Dishes, Easy-to-Broil dishes, and Outdoor cooking. Cook up some authentic 1950s "novel uses for America's favorite meats" with Good Housekeeping's Hamburger and Hot Dog Book. Great recipes and lots of photos and classic mid century illustrations by Suzanne Snider. Local Pick Up: *PRICE FIRM - Cash p/u Bethesda, Md off Old Georgetown Rd near Suburban Hospital/ NIH (1 mile from the Capitol beltway, 2 miles from the NW DC line & Rt 270 spur)
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