Security Job, bodyguard, general labor, investigation

Pay is $9 per hour. Large MONTHLY INCREASES IN PAY starting with 3rd month. We need HARD working, DRIVEN, TRUST worthy individual who are always motivated to do BETTER than the average--- and you will make excellent money if you prove that. First 3 months is considered "trial" period, however your base pay will increase, and bonus is uncapped depending on your proformance. Female or Male position, but must be in excellent condition and ability to load and move heavy weight. MUST be able to be licensed and carry conceled weapons permit, as well as own registerd firearm. Must have valid driver license. MUST pass clean drug test, and monthly for first 3 months. Everything else, We can train on any areas which prior work experience may be lacking, and are willing to work on overcoming any past issues with employment. Past is past, but you must adhere to all laws local, state and federal while working for us--both on and off job.Owner is involved in several companies, and you may be asked to serve in a variety of company functions as needed. Conceled Weapon permit and weapon to be carried at all times in working in any capacity: Your primary and initial job will be working in warehouse setting, loading, moving, sorting used household goods and clothing which has been donated and will be put up for Auction, or packaged for wholesale. At times may accompany as bodyguard and/or security support or driver. May be directed to Serve Legal Process time to time, or do undercover investigation information recovery on real estate properties. Location is City of Bessemer. We will train on any areas, and prior work experience may be from any area. Plus for any skilled computer experience, or quick to learn technology. Plus if interested in business managment. Room to grow into long term, full time position, MONTHLY INCREASES IN PAY for performance and ability to follow precise direction when needed, and work independently as needed, and appear clean, well groomed and professional at all times. Call or email asap. leave message. 417-1099

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