We buy Houses in Berlin Connecticut

If you own a property you'd like to sell in the easiest, fastest and most convenient manner, you've come to the right place...because I buy properties for cash in Berlin Connecticut. With me, you'll sell your property quickly and painlessly, without dozens of strangers trampling through your home and poking through your drawers and closets. You'll enjoy a safe, fast sale, with no real estate agents, no long-term listing contracts you can't get out of, no blown up escrows, no lost deals and no ugly last minute closing surprises. You'll sell quickly and easily, in "AS IS" condition, and enjoy the peace of mind of a sure, worry free sale. If you'd like a fast, 5 day or less closing while moving on the date of your choice, here are 10 powerful reasons selling your property to me is better than any other selling option you have. 1. No fees - No real estate commissions, no closing costs, no city transfer taxes, no escrow or title fees 2. Fast sale - We can close the transaction in 5 days or less. Move on a date of your choice. 3. Get a fair price - You'll get a full Cash investor offer with no loan contingencies 4. Sell "As-Is" - No repairs or cleanup makes it easy on you 5. Maintain your privacy - No strangers poking through your drawers and closets 6. Get your money fast - In just a few days, in most cases. 7. No stress sale - No arguing with hard-nosed inspectors or appraisers. 8. No compliance issues - No termite reports, repairs, city codes or city requirements to worry about. 9. Avoid months of disruption, disappointment, lost deals, and last minute closing 'surprises' 10. A sure sale and peace of mind - your house sold in writing; uncertainty gone; worries over. you'll enjoy a pleasant transaction, quick results, and get to move on with your life...right now! Sounds Good? Contact one of are sold today representatives and get started today. 860-944-4999 www.ibuyhousesinconnecticut.com Stacy
Updated 12-Feb-2018
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