HUD Voucher Holder ISO Apartment in Rogers/Bentonville

My target audience: Land lords that accept HUD Vouchers, and have a 1 bedroom in Benton County, within the Ozark Regional Transit system. I'm a 59 year-old disabled widower, with no criminal record; I'm fully vetted and qualify for public housing, which I'm now in, in Independence. MO. I'm relocating back to NW Arkansas (I lived in Rogers for a few years; attended NWACC). A former carpenter by trade and home builder (built over a hundred homes since the late 70's), I was injured over a decade ago, but have only recently been on SS Disability. Physical injuries plus aging plus the Great Recession (mostly my industry) equaled early retirement. I qualified for HUD subsidized housing, and after 3 years on a waiting list, I received a Section 8 Voucher (or HCV), which has been forwarded to the Benton County Housing Authority; they mailed me a long list of landlord phone numbers with a "Good Luck" and so I'm on my own, hence this ad. Rather than cold-calling 400 people I thought I'd try posting one posting as well. Email is the most assured way of contact. I do not own or use cars (it's buses; bikes; hikes); I am not in NW Arkansas at this time, but I've given my notice to move: On August 1st, I will be officially homeless, with a tiny disability income and a voucher in tow. Since I do not have enough income to even qualify for an open market rental, I am now, always in a state of homelessness, with public housing currently my only housing option. If I make money it must be reported and that gets deducted from my benefits; in other words, I cannot go above the extreme poverty line, set by SSA (search: cycle of poverty). So, I'm not seeking a hand-out of money, just some tech support; some human support. I am hoping to live near downtown Bentonville; I walk everywhere and need to be close to a Farmers Market for food. Plus I like Crystal Bridges, and it's safe there for this tired old man (KC Metro is a war zone). Any tips or ideas or loving advise? (PS: Not deterred by spammers, haters or trolls, so why bother, when "delete" is so easy?).