Finding the best romantic partner of your life, Speed Dating Seattle

When you work with Seattle Singles though, speed dating turns into a sought after event that can result in meaningful matches with exceptional singles right in your area! Imagine meeting other locals, who already share common interests with you. With speed dating with our company, that becomes your reality. We prescreen everyone who becomes a member, and instead of organizing a free for all dating event, we match up likely candidates and host a special speed dating event just for them. Now instead of meeting random people, you’re meeting people who share common interests, similar convictions, and who are age-appropriate matches for you. We also don’t confine you to the standard 3 minute exchange. We give you a full ten minutes to spend with each person before you move on. The extra time provides you with the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the conversation and maybe find out if you both have never been to Pier 57, but were always dying to go, or that maybe you grew up just down the street from one another in Greenwood, but you didn’t meet until just now. With speed dating from Seattle Dating, you get a memorable experience with the right partners. Become a member and experience dating like never before. Contact us at (425) 947-5773 or visit, we are here to help!
Updated 22-Jun-2018
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