Setting & Achieving Your Goals Class!

Without goals and aspirations you can feel lost in life. People who are not actively working to achieve an objective are unhappy. They are subject to all the stress of modern living. Yet all too often, people set goals and, despite making an effort, fail to attain them. Why is this? What is the solution? The Setting and Achieving Your Goals Course answers these questions. It shows you how to set a goal and gives you the precise steps to achieve it. On this course you will learn: * The breakthrough discovery of the administration scale, a graduated scale based on natural law that shows you how to formulate goals, purposes and plans. * Why some people work hard to reach a goal but make no progress attaining it-and how you can change that. * How to subdivide a plan into short, doable steps so you reach the goals you have set-no matter how big they might be. Call Sarah at 727-501-9996 for more information! We have day and evening schedules available. We are also open on Sundays!