Writers/Assistants in Alternative Health

Minimum salary (after our 2-month training to get great health and learn about our business): 18 USD/hour (with minimum 20 hours per week work and 6-month minimum contract). Requirements: 1. Great results for your secondary (high school, or college, or equivalent) education with over 90% for grades (e.g., As only, or over 3.7 GPA, or Honors, etc.) 2. Native (or equivalent) English with excellent writing and editing skills 3. Personal maturity: indifference to alcohol, pubs, bars, drinking parties, smoking, street drugs, sex outside lifelong commitment, gambling, shopping, etc. in relation to your lifestyle 4. Physical exercise at the (initial) level of 1 hour per day since physical activity, according to our philosophy, is the key long-term factor of good physical and mental health 5. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with deadlines to complete specific assignments/projects 6. Learning the methods that we teach to achieve over 60 s for the CP (body oxygen) DIY test. That is also the main health goal of our 2-month training: to achieve ideal physical health and learn breathing retraining practically. Great health after your 2-month training is guaranteed (even if you currently suffer from chronic health problems, have symptoms and/or take medication). For details of the next training, please visit http://cureendstagedisease.com/jobs/
Updated 14-Nov-2017
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