Please Help Find Our Doggy Diva! !!

I am looking for my kid's lost puppy. She is a Chiweenni. She is brownish red in color. She is also my son's best friend. He is devastated! The picture I have is a little old but she isn't much bigger! She does now have 2 dark spots next to each other on her right side, it looks like her hair is rubbed off. Please if you find our baby. Help us get her home. We last seen her yesterday 1/29/14! We live at the Cove RV park at 5511 S. FM 565 Rd Baytown, Tx.  She answers to Diva and she is also very hyper and likes to run around in circles if she thinks you are gonna pick her up!!!! Please call or text any time if you see her! Tammy at 601-934-7577!!!! Thanks! Also you can take her by the front office during buisness hours and they will call me!!!! She also does not have her collar on!
Updated 30-Jan-2014
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