hello im looking for all types of craft items even bins to put crafts in. i do not drive so mabey we can meet up somewhere or you can bring them to me
hello im looking for new and used baby items smaller - medium stuff no big items . i do not drive so mabe we can meet up or you can bring me the items plz and thank you
hello im looking for old dressers smaller ones also looking for anything that can be painted and made into new stuff like bar stools that are wooden anything like this . i dont drive so mabe we can meet up or mabe you can bring it to me plz and thank you .
im looking for some furniture for my brother and his fiance and their daughter . their getting ready to move into their new house . they need another dresser , plastic containers, cooking pots pans , just anything that can help them out a bed for them . a toddler bed kitchen utensals any little thing will help out .