2001 Dodge Grand Caravan 250k miles for Trade

This is a 2001 Dodge grand caravan for sale or trade. It has 250,000 miles on it but still runs and drives excellent. it has had a intake gasket leak of coolant for about a year now which i just kept topped off every month or so (leaks to outside the engine and not into the engine). This was a family daily driver until it was recently replaced and is now for trade. The reason its up for trade is that its a beat up car; but if you need a running car or something bigger for the family i am willing to take a look at what you have and trade out this minivan. it has the 3.3L engine which is solid still, everything is in good working order except the a/c , the Hood is rusted all around the edges and the body has normal rust for being 11 years old, and the muffler has muffler rot. (and of course the coolant leak mentioned). all doors work, locks and the usual commodities are all operational. it also comes with 2 new tires (worth 300$ themselves) im always on the market for 5speed cars, mud trucks, big screen tvs, atv/gokarts, anything worth a good "A to B" minivan. The picture is just a stock photo. This minivan is the dark blue and has heavy rust on the hood and a moderate amount of rocker panel rust. if you reply by email you can get my number to txt as well as picture of the van (if they arent up here yet)
Updated 2-Apr-2012
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