I ruined my Revere Ware copper bottom 1-1/2 quart saucepan; I badly scorched it letting it sit on a burner dry and it has a couple of bumps now that won't let me use it on my flat stovetop. :-( Dos anyone have one they don't want any more? Thanks.
searching for used free/cheap Shovel, Pitchfork( Need this the most), trowels, spade, hand tillers, etc. I'll even take the old rusty ones! Thank you!
Looking for tea pot sets and if you have any unwanted please contact me ! Even if you only have one item it s ok I ll take it
Looking for any kind of home appliances from refrigerator to curtains. I am moving into an new home and new everything! Anything would help. Need sofa set, refrigerator,beds etc....
Seeking yarn to make items for charity. Any weight or color will do. Willing to pick up or pay for shipping.
Looking for any laptop battery chargers and adapter cables that you dont want as well as any wire that is 12,14,16 or any gauge that you no longer need. Can pick up, thanks.
I was in a head-on collision where my laptop was stolen uninsured motorist I have just now gotten well enough to try and get back to work a laptop is absolutely vital to my business God bless you if anyone can help
If you have any unwanted party supplies such as tables, chairs, decorations, or inflatables, or rhinestones I Will love to take off your If you have any unwanted party supplies such as tables, chairs, decorations, I Will love to take off your hands
Recently lost most home items to a rogue roommate. I'm needing pots and pans, baking pans, mixer, toaster, cooking utensils, eating utensils, plates...you name it, except for a microwave. I do have that.
I need a sewing machine. I don't know how to sew or have much money. I was thinking I could make some cash upcycling clothes.
I am a single mother who recently moved and i am in need of furniture for my home so my kids can come back home with me
Not using your scrapbooking supplies or sewing supplies? I can help take those and put them to good use. Can pick up, thanks.