Garage/Estate/Sale Inside the house

Moving /Garage/Estate Sale trying to avoid foreclosure. Everything in my house is up for sell. Some Items in the house still: Kenmoore Electric Stove with oven. 150.00 Kenmoore Refrigerator upright for 150.00 I am still using these appliances so you will need to be patient and wait a few weeks befoer I can let them go. Dvd's, Selling for very cheap 2 dollars each,Buy 20 or more and I will sell for 1.00 each Yamaha surround sound speakers 100.00 This is as low as they go so get them now or never. These are great speakers that sell for 500. 5 disk Sony DVD player 40.00 4k compatible blu ray player 50.00 practically Brand new Only has HDMI out by design. Analog to digital antenna converter 25.00 these sold for 50 but you can't even find them anymore. A beautiful Authentic not a replica: L.S.U. Helmet. 100.00 Various pots and pans 1.00 ea., Lots of silver ware a few plates and bowls a lot of assorted glasses including a bunch of bar style glasses, Some old exercise equipment Not asking more than 50 dollars for each, very nice weight set 50.00 For all pieces weights and bars. Bowling balls 25.00 ea., high quality table tennis bats, 15.00 ea. These are tournament quality Pin holder style. Large computer desk with a very nice chair,take it if you can get it out. its very heavy. Miscellaneous tools and lots of satellite parts. you tell me what you'll pay for them. One Harbor Breeze Fan with light still hanging in the living room. 50.00 Many many Books. 1.00 paperbacks 5 dollars hardcover. Have a lot of star wars series books,Tolkien Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series PB,Danielle Steel,Readers Digest,Harry Potter,Narnia,Phillip Pullman,Tom Clancy,Ian Fleming James Bond, Puzzles,Stock Market,Adult relationship,Self Improvement,Humor,Technical Electronics. if you like reading stop by and take a look. Can't sell the house yet but can look into it with Chase The Mortgage holder they are going to foreclose soon anyway. I owe 69000 +. open to you taking over payments of 700.00 a month including insurance and taxes all inclusive house and property 1/2 acre lot.. If you're interested stop by anytime. I do have a separate listing for everything and you can check out the prices for the movies there and everything else too. Please call if you can to let me know you will stop by so I won't miss you but you can randomly stop by too I may not be there though. I probably will be. Serious inquiry's only and please pay with cash or credit but there is a 3 dollar processing fee for credit per 100 dollars. You must be here in person to purchase not long distance deals and no saves so come get this stuff while its still here.
Updated 6-Feb-2015
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