Books 287 Zimmerman Ave. Bastrop,Tx

Have multiple types of books. Hardcover and soft. Readers Digest. Harry potter,Star Wars, Ian Fleming James Bond, J.R. Tolkien's Hobbit,and Lord of the rings series all in paperback very old.,Daniel Steel, Scarlet,Tom Clancy,romantics,Technical electronics books,Puzzle books,Adult relationship books,Stock Market books,Cookbooks,Even have some Bibles.Many more to choose from too. Most are paperbacks but quit a few hardcovers. Stop by and check them out. Hardcovers are 10 for large 5 for medium. 3 for small. Softcovers go from 1 to 5 dollars. Not set on prices so if you would like but at a lower price just ask all I can say is yes or no. I have no hard love for any of these.
Updated 4-Feb-2015
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