New without tags. The warmer was never used. It was only displayed on a shelf. You can put a candle in the bottom of the angel to warm oils in the top dish. The angel is approximately 6 inches tall & 5 inches wide.
EUC Oil Diffuser - white porcelain tops 2nd top piece brand new, never used Wood frame, light weight for hanging or can stand on table top. paid 30+tax nee
Look at my list of crazy stuff..books, vintage toys, games, magazines, comics, you name it. I was gonna put this all on ebay..but that will take me a while. Email me for any detailed information, and I will send it along...have a look then I can send photos. There's CDS, DVDS, Art history books, magazines, comic books, MAD magazines, posters, antiques, hockey stuff. Basically converting to Budd...
Natural coconut oil product. Too oily for my fine hair but would be perfect for thicker/ dense types of hair. Can be used on skin or hair. Almost a full bottle (maybe 1/8 used).