French Conversation Classes in Baltimore

You would like to improve your French conversation skills and at the same time strengthen some grammar points? This class is for you! In this participative and dynamic class, we will talk about news, travel, society, art, food etc.. After a short check-up of the participants, we will work on main difficulties of the group, invite everyone to talk to better the fluidity of oral skills. But we will also make sure to work on some grammar structures according to the participants' needs. Actual topics will be discussed through authentic articles or videos. The classes take place at St Luke's Church, 800 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211. Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm. July 16th to September 3rd (1.5 h over 8 weeks) Price: $240 http://french-baltimore.com/group-classes-adults-baltimore/french-schedule-adults-baltimore/register-survival-4--baltimore.php CONVERSATION - GRAMMAR : Strong Elementary/Low Intermediate Students The French Academy offers a dynamic class for elementary/intermediate students in Baltimore: an immersion class for those who want to improve their grammar and conversational skills in French. Tuesdays 7:35-9:05 pm July 23rd to Aug 20th -1.5 hours over 5 weeks Tuition: $150 http://french-baltimore.com/group-classes-adults-baltimore/french-schedule-adults-baltimore/conversation-a2--baltimore.php CONVERSATION - GRAMMAR : Intermediate and advanced Students (B1-B2) Wednedsdays 8:05-9:35pm July 17th to August 14th -1.5 hours over 5 weeks Tuition: $150 For more information and to register: https://www.frenchacademy.us/group-classes-adults/class-schedule-adults-alexandria/conversation-grammar-b1-alex-tue-630.php Why is the French Academy so unique? - Highest standards of teaching quality at a reasonable price - Excellent native teachers, passionate about their work and certified in "Teaching French as a Foreign Language" - Hands-on curriculum tailor made to your needs - Small sized immersion classes to make sure everyone will get more attention
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