Supply Chain Failures - Impact to Food Safety and Quality

Description : One of the three most critical food safety issues facing the food industry today is supply chain failures. Supply chain failures can impact many aspects of a businesses functioning. Both incoming products and ingredients and outgoing final delays or failures can cause ripples throughout the supply chain that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to companies and their clients. As the supply chain continues to become more and more complex, poor planning and the lack of defense systems against supply chain failures can cause losses in reputation, poor quality, failing food safety protection, substandard product delivery, share price decline, product recalls and many other problems. Objective : • Understand the risks associated with supply chain failures • Review common occurrences • Understand FDA supply chain and transportation rules with regard to supply chain controls • Understand how cargo theft and food fraud can impact your supply chain • Review traceability and recall requirements and technology • Understand how even packaging can impact deliveries • Learn to eliminate and control purchasing based primarily on pricing Areas Covered in the Session : 1. Costs involved – inventory turns/cycle times 2. Liability 3. Global Food Markets drive new import food safety requirements 4. Review how the FDA’s Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) are changing things 5. Food safety hazards 6. Identifying key suppliers 7. Recalls 8. Planning around areas where nature can disrupt the supply chain 9. Foreign suppliers 10. Preventive concepts 11. Basic planning mechanisms 12. Other resources available to help you Who Will Benefit: • Procurement Officers • Sustainability Officers • U.S. food processors, distributors, retailers and restaurant chains importing food from foreign countries • Food buyers • Foreign food producers, importers and exporters • International food carriers • Import and export logistics personnel • Food safety and quality specialists About Speaker: Dr. John Ryan is a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PQCI) specializing in food safety process control and food safety plan validation. He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods and has extensive international manufacturing quality and operations experience in large and small manufacturing operations. Venue: Online Speaker Name: John Ryan Price : $ 229 Thursday Dec 20 , 2018 EST 13:00 Duration : 90 Minutes Tel: +1-844-216-5230 Email:support@compliancetrainingpanel.com