Bamboo Tiki Bar, customizable outdoor patio bar, mini fridge, deck furniture

Bamboo tiki bar lovers dream, our customizable "Hollywood Tiki" is just the stunning centerpiece to start with for turning your outdoor entertainment area into an Island oasis. Free shipping to mainland Florida is included, and a cash and carry discount price is available. Constructed using "I can't believe it's not real" faux bamboo made of PVC, this beautiful bar delivers all of the tropical ambiance that only bamboo can offer, without any of the splitting, weathering or warping issues associated with natural bamboo. Pictured bar is finished in traditional amber shellac, with dimensions of 8' wide X 4' deep X 42" (standard bar height). It comfortably seats 8 around the bar top, with "belly up" space and additional countertop height service bar seating in the rear for large gatherings. The bar offers a sizeable amount of storage capacity and is customizable to suit your needs. Options include, but are not limited to - alternative finish colors/ open shelving, with cupboard doors, or a combination of both/ varied shelf heights or no shelves/ mini fridge, beverage, or wine cooler compartment with electrical outlet/ 6 outlet surge protected power strip on the service counter that can be powered via an extension cord plug in under the bar or direct wired if preferred/ sliding drawers/ with or without a foot rail/ size of the service bar/ Tiki mask/totems in a myriad of styles/ LED rope lighting, etc., etc., we can build it to accommodate your needs (price may vary depending upon the level of customization requested). 8 heavy duty leveling casters provide ease of movement/location, then can be leveled with padded foot leg bolts for stability and to account for less than perfectly level surfaces like patio pavers, decks, or tile floors once positioned. Removable bar top allows for egress through doorways. All exterior finishes are sealed with multiple coats of urethane for added scuff, scratch and weather resistance as well as easy spill cleanup. Shelving and inside of cabinets are sealed with exterior stain and clear acrylic. all unseen areas such as the undersides of bar tops, framing and etc. are sealed with exterior stain. At Tiki Unique, we are a creator of unique, handcrafted patio tables and tiki bars and can build to suit your size, shape and aesthetic requirements. View more of our designs or request a custom quote by visiting us at https://www.facebook.com/Tikiunique.
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