Wow! Beautiful vintage and rare Viking Lamb overcoat. This coat is very heavy weight and quite warm. It is from Sweden and it is real lamb wool. It has hook and loop closure on the front so you don't see any buttons. It has 2 front pockets that are about waist area. They are perfectly hidden when you do not have your hands in them. This very unique coat also is convertible. The lower 15" of ...
Loose Fit, Men s UnderArmour Tank Size: Large (I have 5) Condition: Brand NEW (with tags) Price: $5 ea. Location: Litchfield Park (Dysart & Camelback) XPOSTED
2 yellow. 3 burgundy. 3 hunter green. Sz 14-16 large. Ppu Litchfield Greenway. All for $10
Button up with small ruffles, only worn once or twice. Also have this in purple.
Size large, worn and washed once. Would fit like a dress on someone shorter.