Household Decor Items $15 & less

I'm located in the Naperville/Aurora area.. Message board/cork board/caulk board all new and assembled by crafter. Included note pads, pen set and caulk. Asking 10.00 Comedy Central Wall clock. In working condition. $5.00 Tall vase in sage green. It has a floral pattern print. Asking $5.00. Glass vintage decanter in perfect condition. Asking $10.00 firm the 2/both. German plates. The plates depict scene of German style houses and street. One plate is from Epcot center. The second plate is from Germany. It has German writing in the back side. Asking $10.00 firm for the 2/both. Amber and pink glass jars/containers. The jars hold fresh potpourri inside. Asking 6.00 for 2/both. Tall glass jar/container. It hold fresh natural organic potpourri inside. Asking $3.00 Kitchen set. Includes: pink colored vintage milk bottle. A mason jar that is filled with smaller kitchen utensils.. It has a black and pick flowered patter. The pink color is carried to the pink milk bottle. Two smaller jars that has a bail wire closure. They contain coffee and one has rice inside. Asking $8.00 for all. Assembled by crafter. Ceramic duck and goose set. Asking only $4.00 for all Wooden nut cracker. Not painted all natural wood. Asking $3.00. OK it's not household decor... Large sized duffel bag style suitcase with wheels. In excellent condition. Many zippered compartments. Asking only $10.00. Kitchen set mason jars set. Contains black beans and rice in a unusual pattern. Made by crafter. The jars has a kitchen chief design cloth print covering on the top. Asking $6.00 for all. Large vinyl travel lingerie/personal items bag.NEW!!! Hook on top to hand on bathroom door hook. It has many departments/compartments to hold your items-jewelry, pantyhose, soxs, bras etc... Asking $5.00
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