Executive Assistant

Mid-size technology firm is looking for a Project Coordinator who understands technology and business management concepts. The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys staying in tune with industry trends and gets a spine-tingling thrill from checklists, action items, deadlines, and processes. We thrive on tight deadlines and so should you. Working knowledge of popular software tools is a must, as you’ll be expected to be resourceful, accessible, and responsive. Basically, you’re a geek-lover with a passion for problem-solving and kickass service delivery. So are we. This position reports directly to executive management, involves high task variety, and is a role with tremendous growth potential. We recently promoted to EA resources to Director positions, so this will be competitive. Key Functions- Coordinate with executive team and internal resources, technical subject matter experts Reports status of operations and programs to executive management Facilitate teams to translate high-level business requirements to detailed specifications Coordinate with project members and facilitating groups to integrate the various elements of the project Facilitates effective and informative meetings within the organization
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