Unlimited Computer Hardware Credit for Businesses

We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA want to share information with about a new program we launched for the entire US market both for the government and business. NO OTHER MANUFACTURER OR WHOLESALE COMPANY is currently offering this program. It is geared to all size businesses and government entities. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is offering UNLIMITED CREDIT FOR COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES FOR COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. This can be from $500 to 500 Million in computer equipment. THERE IS NO CREDIT LIMIT!! NO PERSONAL CREDIT NEEDED – NO UPFRONT PAYMENT NEEDED - STRICTLY BUSINESS CREDIT AND BILLED NET 30 OR NET 45 PAYMENT TERMS. Are you a new or existing company with computer hardware needs, but lack the personal and business credit to get the products that your company needs? IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has the solution. We are the nation’s No.1 supplier for computer hardware, from Servers, Laptops, Routers, Switches, Hubs, Tablets, and even Cloud hardware. We allow your company to get any amount of equipment on your company’s credit. We will provide your company with ANY amount of equipment using your company's credit. To qualify for UNLIMITED CREDIT, your company must have no liens or recent bankruptcies. Bear in mind that your company must be registered with DnB, be based out of a building and not a home or apartment, be verifiable, and in good standing. If those basic requirements are met, then we would be happy to take your order and have it shipped to your location within 24-48hrs. In addition to services, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA through various partnerships with major manufacturers, has solidified its place as a certified partner for manufacturers such as:
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