Servers -Cisco- Barracuda web filter-Juniper-Dell PowerEdge

Used, servers, office went bankrupt! Selling as-is. x1 Barracuda: Web filter 410 (BYF410a): $2,995.00 x1 Juniper: Netscreen-Sa 3000: $1,252.32 x3 Ciscos: MCS 7800s: $500 x1 Dell PowerEdge 1950:$250 Sold the cisco 2800 recently _____________________________________$5997.00 ____________BUY NOW, ALL IF THEM: ___________>> $3000.00 << I have a power cord, that you can use to test server(s) These are high end and typical servers. Also have about 11 desktops, all dell. $150 each, or add lcd monitor,kb and mouse for total of $300 Selling individually or all together. - Everything works, you may test or inspect before purchase. - These are my personal items, once they are gone, i wont anymore. - These are cash prices. - No i will NOT donate, this is not a charity, so dont ask. Call it text $3,000.00