CB Passive Income

In 2013, I've launched the CB Passive Income License Program. With that, customers will be able to license my entire system so that they'll be able to make a passive income. It'll allow them to literally clone my entire business and I'll "work" for them to make money online. With version 4.0, we're going mobile - the customers will be able to use proven-to-convert mobile pages to build their lists. It's an extremely large system. The customer will get our clone software, promotional training courses, lead capture system, etc. know it sounds really bias for me to say this, but this is REALLY AN AWESOME product. I take a lot of pride in providing this to the market and helping many others to start making passive income. And hundreds of newbies made their first sales by just using this system! for more details email me at. redteadetox56@gmail.com
Updated over a month ago