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I have been restoring a 1977 FJ40 for a few years and have been accumulating a lot of extra parts. I am finished with my project and need to pass them along to the next person! I am very active on Ih8mud and keep up with more of the LC parts there, but wanted to throw this out invade anyone is on ODT but not a regular at mud. I ll post a list and photos soon, but if you need anything specific, ...
Looking for a vertical mount that attaches on or near the windshield hinge.
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Hello, I have several drive train items up for sale. I have no history knowledge other than what's stated. All came with a solid bodied disassembled FJ40. 1972 F engine longblock- needs to be rebuilt. didn't run per previous owner. I have no idea...
Metal Tech FJ40 Land Cruiser Front Profile Roll Cage- bought the parts a while back from another mudder and have never taken the time to install it, passing on this project for now. $200 for all parts shown.
Bought these from a mud member about a year ago and never used them They are in good shape and retract as they should. Selling them for what I paid. $40 plus the ride - would guess around $15 in shipping
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