2007 Lexus 250IS, silver, very good condition, over 200K just worn in

All works, GPS, finger tip steering shifts of six speeds, rear view camera, multi-pak CD, inside very good condition, cah only for title. Thanks for looking. Black leather interior, as is very nice car.All you need, no sales over phone: Check both autocheck.com and carfax.com, JTHCK262475009226. 2007 Lexus, $7462.62 plus Cadillac CTS trade in, Body type 4D, Model A25, Model Description, IS2509, Tax 522.38, Mileage non-actual descripancy with 214,416 showing, that's it. Issue date 2/12/2014. KMC Sr.*never intent to be false or misleading otherwise you would not have state of Ohio record. AS IS but a very nice AS IS. Check both autocheck.com and carfax.com for discrepancy in mileage; however, car is like new and very good condition. Purchased 2/2014, one right rear rotor and new set of pads on bad brakes added only. Reg. price on this year is 13 to 15K dollars. MUST SELL, truck required/no trades. Thank you.
Updated 16-Aug-2014