Atrophy/Multiple Degenerative Disc Disease

In May 2012, Lorine Horton was diagnosed with atrophy and multiple degenerative disc disease which is causing excruciating pain. Atrophy is causing Lorines’s arm to weaken and wither. The collapsing disc and bone spurs are causing nerve damage and chronic pain in her neck, shoulder and arm. She is losing physical ability and range of motion. Lorine has severely impacted vertebrae which causes pain and inability to sit for periods of time. She has to fight to get treatment because she lost her job of 19 years and her insurance. Now, she has to worry about pain and bills. Lorine’s family is trying to raise money for treatment, surgery and bills. Please donate $10 at Cast your bread upon the water and many of days it will return to you. Thank you
Updated 4-Sep-2012
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