German Shepherd puppy

My goal is to consistently produce sound, high bonding companions with super intelligence and strong training drives, without being high strung or needlessly aggressive. I do not breed for the fads in the show ring. Each German Shepherd puppy I produce has the essential elements and strong bonding instincts to make them sound personal and loving family companions. Each litter produces some large-size pups and maximum for the standard size pups, never anything less in size or stature. I do not and would not breed specifically for over sized German Shepherd Dogs, but do not sacrifice the excellent temperament I produce, because a few puppies in every litter happen to be slightly larger than the standard. Good breeding is always an educated and well informed balancing act. I don't let my puppies leave until they are 8 weeks old. I believe the extra 2 weeks spent with Mom, Dad and siblings are an important time of learning good socialization skills. They will have a vaccination record, a signed guarantee and AKC papers. The puppies are raised in my home, not kennel raised, so they begin the concept of house training at an early age. I spend countless hours with every litter of German Shepherd puppies born here so I can help to select the best match for your next family member. At this time out of her litter of 8, I have 1 male and 2 females available for sale. They will be ready for their forever homes on Oct 10th.
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