My name is Goku, I am 3yrs old. I was in an animal rescue shelter for almost 2yrs before my mommy came and rescued me. I am the most precious, gentlest, most loving boy you will ever meet! I love to cuddle and play with my chew toys! My favorite food is peanut butter and bananas. I am housebroken and crate trained. _________________________ It breaks my heart to have to give up my baby boy but ...
I need to relocate my two babies Little Bit with pink collar is Buds mom. We love are dogs very much but my husband just recently got offered a job in Maryland. We can t take the bigger dogs with us and we can t find a good family to take them in. They are cute babies with good personalities and we just don t want to leave with just anyone we love them they are family. I m nervous I won t find ...
She is so cute. Very loving affectionate. Hugs, kisses, will sleep forever with u. But no other animals r permitted to b around. She is strong, but I think if she were the only dog u would have no problem. I have a farm and four other dogs. She's so sweet. The thought of rehoming all but her crossed my mind. But that's just too much. I love this girl only had a week . and she will steal ur .
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