4 male sugar gliders with cage & accessories

4 male sugar gliders; paid $125 each for, 3 tier sugar glider cage bought new for $225, many accessories including all their bedding, (ferret beds) that are tied to cage with 2 additional beds still in packaging, lots of toys including clear balls for them to run in, a wheel, a wheel powered car for them to "drive", a track for their balls, a carrying case, a harness and leash, a carrying purse, (leopard print), several nesting extras, including a treehouse, 2 pineapples, etc. and more. Sugar gliders eat fruit, vegetables, yogurt and love lunch meat! They are are all 2-2 1/2 years old. They live to be about 15 when taken care of correctly. My family loves them! Call 920 7five nine one9six7. Kaukauna