2- jbl speakers 8330 commercial series

GOOD COND, NO SPEAKER ROT . GRILL CLOTH NOT THE BEST BUT NOT BAD, PROFESSIONAL SERIES 8" WOOFER 3 WAY, SOUND GREAT! PREFER TEXT; 92O=47O=623 NINE Built to traditional JBL standards of quality and preci- sion, the loudspeakers are subjected to stringent tests to ensure that the materials and adhesives will stand up to long-term use under adverse conditions. Architectural Specifications: The loudspeaker system shall consist of a 203 mm (8 in) low fre- quency loudspeaker, 130 mm (5 in) midrange loudspeaker, 25 mm (1 in) dome high frequency driver, and frequency dividing network installed in a ported enclosure. The frame of the low frequency and midrange transducers shall be manufactured of stamped steel, and their magnetic assembly shall utilize a ferrite magnet. The low fre- quency voice coil shall be 38 mm (1% in) in diameter and shall be made of round-wound copper. The frequency dividing network shall have crossover frequencies of 650 Hz and 3.1 kHz and shall be of the parallel L-C type. Polypro- pylene and/or polystyrene bypass capacitors shall be wired in parallel with the network's larger non-polarized electrolytic capacitors to reduce the hysteresis effects on the signal. The frequency dividing net- work shall be equipped with a two-position switch to allow selection of two high-frequency response curves. One curve shall be consistent with the IS0 2969 Curve X specification and the other curve shall cor- respond to the nominal system design (flat) response. Performance specifications of a typical production unit shall be as follows: Measured sensitivity (SPL at 1 m (3.3 ft) on axis with 2.83 volts input, swept 500 Hz-Z.5 kHz) shall be at least 91 dB SPL. Usable fre- quency range shall extend from 40 Hz to 20 kHz. On-axis response, measured at a distance of 2 m (6.6 ft) or more under free-field condi- tions shall be ± 3 dB from 70 Hz to 14 kHz. Nominal impedance shall be 8 ohms, Rated power capacity shall be at least 100 watts continuous pink noise, based on test signal of filtered random noise conforming to international standard IEC 268-5 two hours duration. The enclosure shall be solidly constructed of 3⁄4 inch stock with all joints tightly fitted and glued. Overall dimensions shall be no greater than 494 mm (197/16 in) high by 481 mm (1815/16 in) wide by 257 mm (101/8 in) deep. Finish shall be black vinyl with dark grey fabric grille. Six T-nuts and bolts shall be provided, one on each side panel and four on the rear panel for attaching Omnimount or other mounting hardware. The system shall be JBL Industrial Series Model 8330.
Updated 26-Jul-2017
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