Santa Take’s On Tornado (Oklahoma Style).

Ellie Elve says Santa come quick. Big Tornado hit the state of Oklahoma “wow” that’s not good been there many times, I’m going to my happy place see what kind of help I can come up with, Santa wakes up feeling great that lying down for awhile helps Santa think of some good ideas. I’ll tell Rudolph we re going on a summer journey that’s never happened before for one night only, hit areas that need the most help bringing enough Elves and trailers, go in the middle of the night bring back the wood we can recycle into boy and girls Christmas Gifts. Santa hates when these disasters happen but they do, the trip works out so successful we’d sure would do it again, good to be back home Santa says. all work and no play is not what Santa has on his mind. Mrs. Claus and the Elvettes bringing some lunch before we get on with Story Telling Time, Santa makes a toast for this summer trip that’s never happened before, after filling there bellies with with some good food, Elmer Elve shares his story this one Christmas all the Reindeer ate something that didn’t agree with them, they were able toot “Wish You A Merry Christmas” with there behinds. Iggy Elve wants to share the story this one Christmas Santa always counts the Reindeer before leaving, but there was always one to many, Santa seen Micky the Mule tried to slip in, Santa goes Micky your not a Reindeer your a Mule, unhooks Micky bringing him back to Santaland. Iffy Elve wants to share the last story about this one Christmas started off like any other Christmas, Santa went down the Chimney to deliver Presents at the Lofgren’s, came back outside this time Rudolph was gone. He went and hid on the next block because Santa always starting his jokes about him in good fun. Wrote six short adventures what Santa and the Elves do in the summer, they make the Gentleman’s one of a kind boy and girls Christmas Gifts from the wood in the Forest Donations are welcome thanks Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 Cash Only DI
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