Santa, Vet’s and the Gentleman (THUMB’S UP)

Santa known for his deep long sleep in the summer months, but this sleep has a strong presence of the Gentleman telling Santa the time all this making of the Boys and Girls Christmas Presents from the wood in the Forest was having the Vet’s go to such places as Tornado Alley have the Vets help with the cleanup using all the wood they could recycle into Boys and Girls Christmas Presents it didn’t work out so he had Santa and the Elves do it and are they glad, Santa wakes up (it’s only a dream) (it’s only a dream). Santa jumps out of bed gets on his Bullhorn tells the Elves we just about got enough wood from the Forest let’s have some lunch, around the corner here comes Mrs. Claus and the Elvettes with a heaping amount of food just in time, after Santa and the Elves fill up Santa gets on his Bullhorn and thinks it’s time to do the story telling thing about some past Christmases. Outchy Elve remembers this one Christmas Santa count the Reindeer before leaving but this time he counts one to many, Santa looks at the Reindeer see’s Micky the Mule tryed to fit in Santa laughs goes your no Reindeer Micky your a Mule unhooks Micky bringing him back to Santaland. Itchy Elf wants to share the next story about Santa dropping off Carol Gifts but she had moved Santa see’s two bad dudes standing in the corner, Santa had that look in his eyes for the two bad dudes to get lost these Presents are only good Boys and Girls. Wrote six different short adventures what Santa and Elves do in the summer they work hard all week then on the weekends they usually go too Santa’s have refreshments and snacks, then it’s what the Elves been waiting for stories with Santa about some past Christmases. Wrote on PDF, send your email address in envelope, I’ll send back on PDFs with pictures. There $20 for all sit adventures, if interested send to Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 CASH ONLY
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